Craftsy’s 2017 Cake Fellowship

You guys! A few months ago I applied to participate in a business plan competition through the amazing website Craftsy.  Those of you who know me know I am addicted to Craftsy classes. They have classes on so many topics from cake-ing to gardening to quilting to baking. The classes are super affordable too! Especially when you consider an in-person professional development class can be several hundred dollars. It’s a great way to stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques without breaking your cake budget! I can go on and on… but back to the contest –

I was chosen as the 2017 fellowship recipient! I can’t believe it, I really never thought it would be me, the other finalists were so crazy amazing, I was thrilled to even make it to the top ten! 🙂  As part of the contest I get to spend two days with Michelle Green, the author of The Business of Baking. This book really changed my career path, I always daydreamed about the idea of starting a business but I never made any moves to actually DO it. I got her book after taking one of her Craftsy classes, and while reading it I started to think, “Hey, maybe I can really do this!”  I really credit this book as the push to make my first step, totally recommend it.  (and she also has webinars, in person classes, a blog, and podcasts for those of you like me want more Business of Baking in their life.)

This contest is such a tremendous opportunity for me, I feel like I just won the lottery!  I will receive business mentorship with Michelle for year, access to all the Craftsy cake classes for a year (YAYAYAYAYAYYAY), assistance from the Craftsy folks with my social media, photos, and my logo, and money to help me get my business started!  I feel so grateful that I’ve been given this opportunity and so excited to get started. I can’t wait to see where my business goes! 🙂

Meet the Winner of Craftsy’s Cake Fellowship 2017

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