Ooh la la… French Macarons!

Our French Macarons are a great addition to any party or celebration and can be specifically made to complement your custom cake.

We also have French Macaron gift boxes, which make the perfect gift for your party guests.


French Macarons By the Dozen: $2.00 each. Minimum order, 2 dozen.

French Macaron Gift Boxes: $12 / box (five macarons). Minimum order, 10 boxes.

*choose up to 3 colors and 3 fillings (see below) and any one additional embellishment

Macaron Shell Colors: let your imagination run wild! we can make macaron shells in any color of the rainbow.

Macaron Filling Flavors: coffee, almond, chocolate, vanilla, lemon and strawberry  buttercream

Additional Embellishments: metallic silver and gold paint, rainbow sprinkles, non-pareils, hand painted flowers,  white or dark chocolate drizzles, sugar veil lace